Wenzel Blue Ridge family tent for outdoor adventure fun

Finding the right camping gear is the key to wonderful outdoor adventures and lasting memories. When you and your family want to hit the trail you need equipment that is durable and that will meet the needs of your family. The Wenzel Blue Ridge family tent is perfect for larger families, as it can hold up to seven people comfortably. Find out why the seven-person tent is perfect for group camping.

The Wenzel Blue Ridge family tent has a floor size of 14’ x 9’, which is 117 ft². The peak height is 72 inches, which means even a tall person can stand up comfortably in the center. The floor is made from welded polyethylene so that sticks and rocks will not penetrate it easily. Even though it is roomy inside, it packages into a carrying bag that is only 28”x 8.75”x 8.75” and weighs only 18 lbs. 2 oz., which is extremely light for such a large family tent.

The tent features one ”D” style door with an inside privacy flap that is zippered. It also has three windows so that you can let the natural light in. Two of the windows also have zippered privacy flaps. It also has mesh roof vents so that you can create a cross breeze when it is hot out. It also features a rain fly over the door for those summer storms.

When it comes to sturdiness and the ability to withstand the roughest weather that summer has to offer, it has shot corded fiberglass poles with fast feet for easy set up and tear down. It also has guy wires that are already attached for adding stability and extra anchors to the ground. It is always important to think about features before you need them because once you and your family are in the outdoors, it is too late.

When it comes to comfort features, Wenzel Blue Ridge family tent has a few extras that other tents do not offer. For instance, it has four convenience pockets so that you can store important items like cell phones and car keys. You can always find things you need when you need them in this tent. The tent also has a removable divider curtain with the zipper that creates two different private sleeping areas. One of the best features is that it has an E port for electrical cord access.

If you need a bigger tent, Wenzel Blue Ridge family tent makers also has a model that is designed to hold 10 people. They have smaller units that can hold five people or if you only want the basics, they have a smaller version of the seven-person tent. All of their tents offer superior quality and are made from the sturdiest materials. Maximizing the inside space was a primary concern for designers. These tents are the product of many years of study and experience in the family camping line of products. If you own a Wenzel Blue Ridge family tent then your family will be ready to hit the trails as soon as the warm season arrives.