How to choose your fir Christmas tree

It is the time of the year to make choices. Choosing a Christmas tree that suits your home is always a family event. There are a number of types of Christmas trees that may seem attractive. Many people tend to grow their Christmas trees as they seem more natural and beautiful. Unfortunately, whether your tree is a non-drop needle type or not, it might die sooner or later. If your family’s favorite tree is Fir, here is a short guide to choosing it right.

The Fir tree is one of the most common types of Christmas trees. In fact, last year, the official White House Christmas tree was a Fir. The Fraser Fir is one of the frequently used fir trees. The tree is beautiful and dense when it is young and it becomes more open when it is mature, making it a lovely Christmas tree.

The most common types of Fir Christmas trees are:

Balsam Fir

It is a medium-sized tree with dark green, dense pyramidal crown. It has many similar characters like the Fraser fir but they are found in different regions.

Cannan Fir

It is a new variety that has recently captured the market. It looks a great deal like the Fraser fir and the Balsam fir. The scales are not extended to them.

Douglas Fir

It is not a true fir tree. The sweet smelling tree has fir needles that radiate in all directions. The needles are dark green in color. It is sometimes blue-green in color. When you crush it, they leave a sweet fragrance behind.

Noble Fir

The most beautiful looking fir tree is the Noble fir. The needles point upward, making the lower part of the tree more exposed and visible. This makes the tree more attractive. The tree has dense excellent greenery that helps in making garlands and wreaths. It stays fresh longer than other trees.

Fraser Fir

The common type of Christmas tree. It was the National Christmas tree in the United States in 2015. This tree has wide, soft, and flat needles. They are in a beautiful dark green color that makes all your decorations stand out in a splendid way.

White Fir

The white fir is relatively smaller than the other Fir trees. It is a sweet-smelling tree that is abundantly blessed with a beautiful shape and color.

Grand Fir

If you are looking for a tall fir, the Grand fir is the best choice. It grows as tall as 300 feet. The needles are found in two distinct rows making it appear grand and beautiful.

Many types of Christmas trees have been sold since the 18th Century. Earlier, trees were cut off from the forests but now, tree farms make it easier. The Agricultural market research center claims that the state of Oregon is the top-most tree producing state. It produces more than 4.9 million!