Month: November 2016

Ostrich beach chairs: your best friends for the summer

You’re getting ready to head to the beach when you notice that your beach chairs are falling apart. Not to fear, Ostrich has a whole line of awesome beach chairs to save the day. They have different chairs for different preferences, if you prefer to lounge in style, they have the chair for you, if you change your mind from day to day they have a chair that’ll change with you.

An Ostrich beach chair isn’t a one size fits all seat. There are several 3 in 1 chairs. The Ostrich 3n1 beach chair is light weight and can be configured for how you want to lounge that day. The frame is aluminum making it lightweight and rust proof. It comes with a cup holder, extra wide armrests and a carry strap for ease of getting onto the beach.

Ostrich Beach chairs are also designed for ladies comfort too. The Ostrich Ladies Comfort Lounger is designed with a woman’s body in mind. The chair is designed to be comfortably laid on face down by women who are well endowed and women who aren’t as well endowed with equal comfort for all parties. There are arm cutouts to accommodate reading or tanning face down. The frame is aluminum and ease of carry wasn’t forgotten in designing the chair for women. There’s a carry strap for ease of carrying, and the chair folds flat when not in use.

If you’re looking for an Ostrich beach chair that you’ll want to use even when you’re not at the beach, take a look at the Ostrich Delux 3n1 beach chair. This chair is a descendant of the Ostrich 3n1 with the addition of padding to the seat and footrest and comes with a removable lumbar support. This is a chair that you’ll want to use all the time; it has the extra wide armrests and a place to put a drink.

If you’re looking for a chair that can go to the beach with you and out on a hiking trip the Ostrich Delux Outdoorsman may be the chair for you. It has more storage compartments to include a fishing pole holder. It’s made of durable polyester and sits thirteen inches off the ground. This chair is made to go wherever you may want to go and survive it well no matter where you may take it. It’s lightweight, so it isn’t a pain to carry with into backcountry or out onto the beach.

No matter what you’re looking for Ostrich has something that will suit. If you’re looking for chairs for the whole family Ostrich has a beach chair that will make everyone happy. All of the chairs are twelve inches off the ground for ease of sitting on and getting out of. They have aluminum frames, so they’re rust proof and light weight. They come with carry straps to make it easy for carrying to and from the beach. If something happens, Ostrich has a 90-day limited warranty you can take advantage off.