Month: March 2016

Advantages of choosing the best backpacking water filter

More people are becoming conscious of the importance of staying healthy, and as a result, they have taken to the outdoors to get their workouts in. They have started to engage in outdoors sports like trekking, hiking, and even rock climbing. If you happen to be such a person, you should know that owning a water filter is the best decision to ensure that you are properly hydrated throughout your outdoor experience.

The best backpacking water filter will make sure that your water is treated and safe. So if you are not sure of the water source while backpacking or hiking, you can rest easy knowing that your water filter will protect you against parasites and bacteria.

Advantages of Using a Good Water Filter

A good water filter is lightweight, and this is important because you don’t want additional weight weighing you down while on your hike. It will ensure you have clean water to drink at all times. You will be comfortable if you are sure that your water is suitable for drinking while you are outdoors in the wild. Other benefits of using a good filter include:

  • Removal of lead from the water
  • Reduces the risk of cancer
  • Drinking clean water enhances the general health
  • Reduce this gastro-intestinal diseases by 33%

Types of Water Treatment

Pumping Filter System

This is the most common fliter system which involves pumping water through a mesh which has pores too tiny for bacteria to go through. An example pf filter with this filter system is the Hiker Pro.

Gravity Filter System

This uses gravity to push water so that it is not as timeconsuming as the pumping system. An example of filter using this system is the MSR AutoFlow.

Filter Straw

This Filter treat water as you draw it in through a straw which is also a hollow fiber filter. LifeStraw uses this mechanism to treat water.

Chemical drop and tablet

This filter system enables the user to add chemicals in order to kill bacteria nd protozoa contained in the water. Aquamira Water Treatment Drops makes use of this system.

UV Light

This system uses UV light to purify water which kills germs and viruses. An example of a filter that uses this mechanism is the SteriPEN Adventurer Opti.

Recommended Products

Sawyer Squeeze

This is a filter that is different from the conventional pump system of other filter systems. It is a compact filter that is screwed to the mouth of a bottle and enables the user drink directly, offering one of the fastest methods of treating water. Although treating large amount of water is not the filter bottle’s strong point as squeezing water through the filter is quite a strenuous task, it still has many desirable specs for the backpacker like the fact that is very convenient to use especially because of its lightweight and it offers itself in variety of colors for you to choose from. It is also very economical. One of its major draw backs, apart from not being able to treat large amount of water is the fact that it does not have UV treatments to treat for viruses.

MSR AutoFlow Gravity Filter

This filter bottle uses a mechanism in treating water that makes use of gravity which makes it to be able to treat large quantity of water at a moderate speed; can treat up to 4L of water at a go and it is made of a durable material which ensure that the filter would serve you efficiently for a long time. While Platypus which also uses gravity based filter system comes with a separate container in which you can easily filter water into, the MSR AutoFlow does not have this feature and you would have to get an empty container to filter water into. This is one of the major drawbacks of this filter.

Taking long distance hikes and walks is very healthy for the body. Apart from working every part of the body, it also improves the strength of your heart and prevents cardiovascular diseases. However, the downside of taking these long hikes is the fact that water might be scarce to find, especially if you hike in areas that are secluded like deserts. However, using personal water filters not only curbs the amount of load you have to carry but it also gives you access to clean water and the opportunity to treat water for your own personal use.

Giving a dog a Cesar Millan leash

Choosing the right dog leash can be tougher than it looks for dog owners. They are going to have to make sure that they find a dog leash that their dogs are going to enjoy enough. Dogs usually like going on walks. However, they do not always adjust to their leashes. Dog owners are usually not going to know whether or not a dog leash works for their dogs until after they have purchased them and used them, and this is only going to add to some of the difficulties associated with dog leashes. However, using a Cesar Millan leash is often going to work well for dog owners and their dogs.

One of the great things about Cesar Millan leashes is that they are very soft and comfortable for dog owners to use. Dogs usually are not going to feel the leashes during the walks. However, dog owners are going to have to handle the leashes at odd points during the preparation for the walk and throughout, and it makes sense to get a dog leash that is going to be easy for them to handle from a tactile perspective. Dog walking can be fun but it can also be a chore, and a Cesar Millan leash will make it less of a chore.

These are nylon rope leashes that are going to last for a long time, and they are also strong enough to handle large dogs, which is one of the most important considerations that dog owners can make. Many dog owners have a hard time finding leashes that are going to accommodate larger dogs, since large dogs can be surprisingly strong in many cases. Lots of large dogs are going to end up wearing out or breaking leashes eventually, and this is going to create a situation where a lot of people struggle when it comes to leash shopping for dogs. The Cesar Millan leash is going to work for a wide range of different dogs, including the larger dogs that are in need of a lot of outdoor exercise.

Lots of people also like the look of Cesar Millan leashes. Many people are interested in dog leashes that are not terribly flashy but that are also stylish enough that they are going to want to use them in public. It is certainly important for people to be able to get as many incentives as they can when it comes to dog walking, which can be difficult for people to fit into their schedules in some cases. Something like the Cesar Millan leash can at least make that part of the process a lot easier for many different dog owners.

Dogs that have issues with leashes have been known to actually take to leashes like this one fairly easily, especially compared to how they might have reacted to other leashes. Many dog owners are going to be able to solve a lot of different problems with dog leashes like this one.

Which one is the best, fabric steamer vs iron? Get informed.

When dealing with laundry, we are frequently faced with the dilemma of using fabric steamer vs iron so as to straighten out our clothes. Both the fabric steamer and iron accomplish the same goal of straightening clothes. However, they function in different ways. Different types of fabric require steaming or ironing so as to clear out the wrinkles on them or to straighten them. Read on so as to know the advantages and situations suitable for use for fabric steamer vs iron.

Comparison of fabric steamer vs iron

The iron is also known as a flat iron or cloth iron. It is an equipment which is hand-held and works by pressing the heated iron plate, which is triangular in shape of clothes, stretching fabric and removing creases. The steamer is used on clothes that are difficult to iron. The vapor spray works on fabrics, making them smooth out by relaxing the fibers. Steaming is done when the clothes are hanged. The steamer is held at a distance from the cloth and the jet of steam is then released onto the cloth.

Type of fabric suitable for fabric steamer vs iron

Ironing is suitable for use on polymer fiber materials. Fabrics such as cotton are straightened out well by ironing.

Wool, satin, silk and velvet are easily straightened out with the use of steamers. Items that may not handle the heat produced by irons can be straightened out with the use of a steamer. Such items include leather products, drapes and upholstery.

Advantages: fabric steamer vs iron

A fabric steamer causes less wear and tear on the fabrics.

Some iron boxes may be used for multiple purposes as they also come with steamers. This makes it possible to switch between the use of the iron plate and the steam function. Thus, you will be able to straighten out different types of fabrics with such an equipment.

Ironing is effective at straightening out clothes that have wrinkles. However, when ironing, ensure that you use the right heat required for a given fabric. Also, you should not press a given point for long as this may damage the cloth.

Disadvantages: fabric steamer vs iron

An iron, if not well regulated, may damage the clothes with the heat it produces. Some fabrics may end up with stains.

Steamers are not capable of handling creases well. This is because they do not press the material.

So, the next time you are torn between using fabric steamer vs iron, you will know that it is mainly the type of fabric that determines which one is best for use at that instance. If you travel frequently, you may opt for an iron box that is small enough to fit into your bag or a steamer that has a water reservoir that is big enough so as to avoid frequent fillings. The tags on the cloth will also indicate to you as to whether you need to press out the wrinkles or to spray and steam them. With that you will have good clothes that also look better on you.